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Road Trips are back, air travel is out !

By:Andrew Regan


You put time into planning a relaxing break with the knowledge that if the trip involves air travel there is always that risk of something going wrong! I recently experienced this when my flight was cancelled due to a terrorist threat. As a result I had to spend 14 hours, I repeat 14 hours, sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for some kind of feedback from those exhausted looking airline staff. With so many other holiday makers having to endure the same experience, this added insult to injury. Starbucks, Costa, Pizza Express, and basically anywhere you could sit and attempt to calm down with a nice latte or a glass of wine, were crowded beyond belief. The lucky people able to secure a table were prepared to purchase as many drinks as necessary to keep their relatively comfortable place to sit and wait. Those of us left had to find floor space (at this point the only potential areas were next to the litter bins or the public toilets).

I have decided to avoid risking a repeat experience for some time. I simply cannot face another airport again. In fact I am even wary of train and bus stations. That leaves me with my Pininfarina designed Peugeot 406 Coupe. A form of transport I can actually rely on. Fresh from its MOT and newly taxed my car is ready to go so I have decided to take another road trip next month. My fondest memories of the year are the trips we have taken across the UK in this car.

I have been on to one of my favourite reference sites and purchased my road map and an Eyewitness UK Travel Guide. All that's left to do is download some of our favourite tracks to play as we drive around and take in the scenery. I can confidently say I am well and truly looking forward to my next trip.

Another great thing about travelling by road is the ability to pack the car with as much luggage as you like. The last holiday I took using air travel involved me being charged for excess baggage when bringing back too many bottles of wine. I'd been in France – what do people expect?!

For those of you with children, like myself, you should be aware of the new law on child restraints which takes effect from September 18th of this year – definitely something to bear in mind!

In my opinion road trips are well and truly coming back – just remember to fasten your seatbelt and drive safely.

About the author:

Andrew Regan is an online journalist who enjoys socialising at his local Edinburgh rugby club.

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