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10 Blazing Ways To Get More New Ezine Subscribers

By:Ken Hill


1. Purchase ezine ads.

Run your ads for multiple issues, and track your advertising
so that you won't be in the dark about which ezines are best
to place your ads in.

2. Swap ads.

As with your paid ads, try to swap for multiple issues as
many people will need to see your ad several times before
they respond to you.

3. Swap recommendations.

You could swap recommendations to be published in each
other's ezines, or you could swap recommendations to be
published on each other's "thank you" pages.

In addition, you could set up a "recommended ezine" section
where you and several other ezine publishers promote each
other in each issue.

4. Publish testimonials.

Ask for feedback in each issue to garner more testimonials
that you can use on your site with your readers' permission.

5. Do a testimonial swap.

Write up a testimonial for another publisher's ezine in
exchange for her testimonial that you can publish on your
site, in your ebook, etc.

6. Write articles.

You'll be able get more targeted traffic, increase your
search engine rankings, and get more new readers that
purchase from you on a regular basis.

7. Promote your ezine in your signature file.

Use your signature file in all your day to day emails and
also in your posts to discussion lists and forums that
you're a member of.

8. Offer a bonus.

For example, you could offer a free ebook, resource, or
report along with your reader's subscription.

9. Ask your readers to forward your issues.

You'll gain excellent "word of mouth" advertising as your
subscribers forward your issues to their friends,
associates, and colleagues.

10. Submit to ezine directories.

Submit to as many of these directories as you can, and when
possible, post your link to your archive or sample issue to
maximize the number of new subscribers you get from your

About The Author:

Ken's articles have been published in numerous ezines and
web sites all over the net. For more articles on ezine
publishing from Ken and other respected authors visit

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